No, I don’t believe that democracy is the counterbalance to corruption. Haven’t you taken a close look at the Bell curve? The average person has an average IQ, which makes them incompetent to comprehend big picture issues. They can only vote with their stomach. Their vote is purchased by advertisements. Democracy is paid for. It is subverted by the stupidity of the average person. There is no qualification to vote.

Presidents are usually tall, handsome, charismatic. No one votes on issues. The people don’t understand issues. Democracy does not lead society towards any direction – the best you can say for it is that it deposes unpopular leaders. That is why it “works”.

I believe in voting. I believe in being qualified before you are allowed into a university. I believe in creative people breaking barriers, through demonstrating the practicality of their vision. I believe in meritocracy.

The “People” are not the meritocracy.