Human systems that can both defend and grow territory survive. All of our genes include rapists and warriors and prostitutes. Human tribes are like bee hives, like ant nests. The class system is what enables their defences.

If you want an egalitarian experiment, better put it out of reach of other experiments. Or sooner or later, your land will be disputed.

Religion is necessary, because human soldier-ants require a cause to die for. They must believe in authority. And human factory-worker-bees require a hope to focus on, to lose sight of the options that the social experimenters are drinking. Heaven and riches are worth sacrifice.

Class is necessary, because only idiots can believe in religion, and idiots make poor leaders.

Psychopaths are necessary, because they have no emotional need to play by the rules, and so can break into new territory. They are also so expert at seeming to believe, that not even they know when they lie. So they can lead while claiming religion. Their genetic viability means they are overall a group benefit.

Us bohemians can never run things. We are as fringe as outer valence electrons. There can be no society composed of only us.