If you’re born with those two extra appendages, then forget it. You are a pawn and a grunt. Well, you will never even be capable of thinking about rising above social status anyway.

If you value authority and purity, you are a worker bee. We need many of you.

Why is Afganistan so difficult to conquer? High technology? A well informed democracy? Nope. Grunts.

They’d make just as fine factory workers. Or other contributing members. What would I like to have built? A huge temple, a statue, a factory, a boat? You are at my command, and you will be happy, and offer up your daughters and men to us.

That’s our physical monkey-condition. Our wiring. There is no heterosexual male who can see titties as other than good. We can’t be trained – we are wild animals. Human society can’t be trained, and the buildings and societies we build are not a pleasant idea – we are embeded – WE WAKE UP IN THE MORNING.

Still a monkey. With an overlord, or smart enought to distance from that system.