When I was 12, the Canadian dollar was valued at 1.07 to the US. Ten years later it was near .69.

It was a decision of Canada, to focus the economy on export to the huge US population. Like developing China’s decision to have an undervalued RMB.

But the US currency is plummeting not from a US decision. It has little fundamental value, and it’s symbolic value has been undermined by Bush 2.

We could have believed in the love affair for a generation to come, had not he been flirting with oil and fucking Iraq. We could have remained married to the dream, remained wedded even as we became bankrupt, if only we didn’t feel so used and betrayed.

Or at least if they had not been so in-your-face about their indifference to risk. A simple re-design of the currency to avoid the billions of counterfeight dollars being passed. A budget that pretended to be fiscally responsible. Pretended – at least. Oversight over the financial sector. No. The US just stuck it all right in our face. Fucking around, and indifferent.

The world has lost confidence in the greenback, and as it has no fundamentals, the slide is inevitable. China is becoming strong enough to cut its losses in its investment in the US debt, and move to something with more value.

What if the international community, the big money people decide to ease out of their bad US investments, and write the US currency off as a loss? Chilean inflation? German inflation?

And aside: be a socialogically aware psychopath , not a nationalist, if you want to invest money for benefit of your investors. Nationalists, like feminists and multiculturalists and other religious folk, expect the goodness inherent in good ideas to eventually triumph over measurement. Buffalo Bills cold assessment of dupes moves money with an eye to calculation.

The House show I saw today had House pitted against Foreman. Foreman tried to rescue two kids at a 10% chance, while House chose to rescue one kid at a 70% chance. Forman quit, saying that he didn’t want to stay in that hospital, where he would learn from House and become like him, as he wanted to maintain his humanity. House is a psychopath, but being able to kill would save more lives than Foreman can save. Foreman chooses to save less lives, away from the killing and blistering burn of a sun like all penetrating wit. Forman wants to be Human.

Well. There it is. The facade, the importance of being human, of being tribal, is lost. The marriage, was a dream.

It didn’t have to be. We wanted to believe, and could have maintained some sort of mutual illusion.