I’m no fan of banality. Action movies bore me, and the unnerving thing about horror movies is that anyone gets a thrill from them.

And yet, the banal is both fascinating and powerful. I like to find the underlying mechanics in things. If I pull my girlfriends hair, and treat her bad, what reaction should I expect? (from her – hard nipples) If she gives me a blowjob and breakfast, what reaction should I expect?

I have a hard time respecting the religious: those that have conclusions based on their suppositions: those that argue for their cause. I have not much time to talk about feminism, or equal rights. Obviously I’m trying to inflame passion – and for an obvious purpose – to inflame thought. No thought is indefensible, worthy because we feel it to be.

There are five basic moral traits, and some of us only have three. The two I lack are respect for authority, and respect for purity. I don’t mind if my girlfriend’s pussy has history, and I don’t mind if some church or god or mayor disagrees with my decisions. I believe in love, in how my actions make others feel. I’m a simpleton that way. How I make you feel, how you make me feel. That’s all I can understand. I understand sex.

I was not raped during formative years. I did not grow up oppressed. And so, I’m free from thinking that oppressors are out there, lurking, waiting for an opportunity to be who they are, to be bad.

I’m just a Canadian Liberal. Pot smoking, if I want to be. Non monogamous, if I want to be. No one will much bother me, about what I want to be. There are no enemies and oppressors waiting, in Canada.

But they wait for me in the U.S.

It’s not oppressive that women are attracted to men with above average status. That’s just the monkey-social-physicality of things. My sense of humor and adaptation can handle physicality.

Update: Writers and engaged readers might be curious about the opening line:”I’m no fan of banality. Action movies bore me, and the unnerving thing about horror movies is that anyone gets a thrill from them” The interesting thing about it, to me, is how unliteral it is – how it is not about pointing to one rock, then another rock, then another rock. There are several abstract concepts that come together, as a big whole picture.

That’s telling, about the writing process, and about us people – how a big picture comes to us, and gets played out in words. Rather than the opposite.