Including people within our inner circle is a selective gesture with implications of responsibility.

And governments use this deep instinct for family and community bonds to rally against scapegoat outsiders, so that the big-wigs become the big-parent insiders, and not our oppressors. It’s an obvious and well documented trick, and you can always bet that the populace will have their emotions moved. In times of distress, the family comes together.

Sometimes I mention that the us and them dichotomy is false. It’s not false. We do choose our allegiences, and our commitments. What is false is turning grey areas into black and white, and otherising other. Stark emotions such as hate or patriotism show up our simple natures – our habits to think too clearly. Too starkly, at least.

Love thine enemy, as you would love yourself. But don’t trust her or make her your business partner. But have a bit of sex with her if that suits. It’s fine to eat pig, and there is no Universal Law of what is Wholesome and Unclean. Sin is everywhere – all of us are imperfect and unclean and wrong and misguided – partly. So, any sense of humor would have to love the enemy, the worst enemy. We are the enemy. Insiders and outsiders, no matter how fundamentally different and opposed, no matter how differentiated, no matter how alien and against, or how perfect in love, insiders and outsiders are us – nothing that is that is not also at least a little bit of this.  I’m just using metaphor and poetics to create a mood of mixing with the world in embrace, to bring forth a resonance of the intent of understanding, and I know this is not argument. It’s a choice of perception to love the enemy, and it’s a choice that tends to make a person love themself more, and to enjoy their own world more. It’s a choice of attitude. I’m sure it breeds insights that hate won’t.

I’m equally sure hate keeps away insight. It polarizes thought too easily, making thought too lazy for greys and greens and brilliant quick flashes of murky ink.

Update: The majority of our tribe are genetically predisposed to be unable to understand the subtleties of this post. They are our grunts, our worker bees, our ant-military-personel, and without them, we would be overrun.

By evolutionary necessity, we can not have a society of the elite. Our grunts, our flag waving, purity loving, nationalistic and authority loving sacrificial pawns, are required to outnumber us.

I want us all graduate to a higher human condition. I prefer love to pragmatism. But get a bit to lovey dovey, and the other society gets your land, and babies on that land. That’s our history.