I hadn’t chosen to rest deeply in her, this last year. We had sex, we played with melding. But I didn’t make any habit out of feeling deeply into her heart with my hand. I only remember doing that last night. She holds a face, holds a shield, has an outward deflecting personality that her her time and attention hum to maintain. That’s not the main of her. The main of her is giving and good. Her soul loves, and is good. When you touch her, that’s what you touch.

But I touched for the wrong reasons – to assuage the pain of separation, with the deep certainty of all embracing love and peace.

It might be wrong to call up these ideas try to hand them off, as if anyone else can see and catch that football. But, I suspect romance and shared embodied romance are common enough.

And today, I know how it would break her apart to lose me. It’s not a joke, or a dress rehearsal. It’s serious business. And just as serious is that my interest is not purely self directed – and my interest is a must.