I can’t understand how scientifically minded people can adhere to preachy dogma of how men and women have little difference between them.  Science doesn’t say that.  And how about the politically liberal who want equality between groups?  Science says much about differences between groups of people.

Differences piss people off. 

Liberals and atheists assume they have a big one-up on superstitious folk.  Liberals and atheists hold more refined suppositions, but often just as tightly the superstitious. 

Individuals, sexes, groups, groups of groups; differences.  Important and meaningful differences.

Equality of opportunity does not demand that we assume equality of ability between individuals nor groups.  It may demand being extra careful to give opportunity based on ability, but it does not demand righteous ideology of avoiding difference.

From Creativethink:

Think Like A WoMan
Bodybrain_186Various studies suggest men and women have differently structured neural networking possibly due to early exposure to sex hormones during critical prenatal and postnatal periods.The physiological difference in the brain is especially obvious in the hypothalamus, a tiny structure at the base of the brain. In males, it is much larger and saturated with the male sex hormone testosterone.


Men and women seem to think differently too, approaching intellectual problems in different ways. Yet although different brain regions are activated, they may well arrive at the same solution..

.Women’s brains have more neuron cell bodies, giving them an enhanced blood flow and greater efficiency. This may explain why women often learn language better, have a better memory for details, and can fight aging better than men..On average, women are more empathetic, expressive, articulate, and diplomatic, and better able to sense what others feel..Male brains contain more of the longer neuron fibers, allowing distant neurons to communicate better. Therefore, men may be better at focusing on a specific task, orienting themselves spatially, or solving complex math or physics problems..On average, men are more physically violent but better at coping with conflict and moving on.