Mindfullness and compassion training help a person to see a bigger picture and to make creative associations.

From ABC Health and Wellbeing articles about the measurable effects of meditation :

The extreme gamma wave activity detected in this group has also been associated with weaving together far-flung brain circuits, suggesting higher mental activity and heightened awareness of those mental states most likely to bring happiness.


“The spectacular difference between the two groups suggests that mental training as cultivated in this contemplative tradition can radically alter brain functions,” confirms Lutz.

Meditation isn’t only about stress reduction. Nor only about increasing happiness. It helps you to think better. It isn’t necessary to meditate in order to be creative or to be kind, but it is a training of habit that does help increase a persons native abilities.

Update: I was all primed to keyboard down a hip update to this post. But it took 10 minutes to load this page at the cafe. My balloon is saggy now.

Still, it was boring of me to publish yet another blog post about how meditation is sooo wonderful, and how meditating thrusts the individual into a higher class of beings that have earned a fair claim to be our overlords, until the silicon enhanced transhumans take over. There was no entertainment value in it, no emotions were gripped, no real life examples were given.

So, we need to bring in some images here. Gripping images of personal import that we can all relate with.

Fifteen minutes ago I was fondling the tittie of a lover I’m growing bored with. Yet, at that moment, I awoke and became fresh. The visual was a splash in my face. My hand reached into another persons dimension. My next step was on the tip of my tongue.

It was a Boddhicitta moment, a moment of wakefullness, of awakened heart, of heightened immediacy.

That is what the meditation cushion is all about. Being there.