star_trek_monsters_tmmugato.jpgIf you read this through RSS, don’t. First drafts sometimes take a week or two to be readable.

And at risk to my character, my character functions through flaws. Yes, my best points only come about through not-so-good aspects. Sloppy alcohol. Artists are so wild and sexy.


Plurality is a liberal concept of inclusion of groups of people. Include the inhuman Japs, the alcoholic Indians, the fascist Italians, the big dicked and big lipped good for assembly Blacks, the neurotic and scary smart Jews. Include us all into the same tribe of Humans.

We don’t want another World War, where other is dangerous and at our throats.

So that means that, in some way, we are all the same.

If we don’t exactly have the same genes, then those differences are immaterial. I mean, yes, they are material, but… but… we are the same.

Apes shouldn’t be meat, of course! Chimps shouldn’t be used for brain experiments. Marmosets and mice, OK. Chickens are delicious. Bacon isn’t even pig. Bacon is the most delicious of supermarket products.


From sin, come the wild things. Bangkok will drive you insane – lies, lies, lies. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.


Plurality. Make sense of the Muslim father with a Fatwa on his daughter. Include him.

I’m not being ironic. Really. Really!

Love the dolt. If you can’t, terrorism wins. Kill him first, if you have to. But love him.

For the “readers” (reading is active work, and most who read words do so as if it were a passive act of taking in information, like watching an entertainment) who aren’t that great at making associations, I’ll spell it out. The inhuman Japs and Mice and Us share a common denominator, and you can’t say what that denominator is, and it’s tasty to eat mice. Ok, that’s not spelling it out. You have to love something before you kill it. Or even criticize it. Heinlein explained it best in his concept about Grok.

And don’t pretend that you “understand”, you “reader”. Until you include love in your concept about understanding, you don’t understand much.

And don’t hand wave this off as metaphysics or poetics – it is neither. And don’t be a segmented orange who can say yes to black and and in the next rotation say yes to white. Understanding, in practice and in testable and scientific reality, must include love to be the most accurate and practical and inclusive and the most enjoyable.

Don’t even start me on why Grok is required for a relationship to Muse.

Use your own common sense to chew on what loving understanding might mean, and how that might relate to making new connections and seeing things in new ways, as opposed to unloving understanding.

Update: I’ve been wondering how to edit this unkempt and smelly beast of a post, but decided that it has it’s own ugly beauty, and will leave it to live whatever life it can.