House. Monk. Spongebob. I love the intellectual shows.

The House show I saw today highlighted the root philosophical difference between House and his foil/best buddy fellow doctor James Wilson.  James lied to cops to keep House out of jail for drug abuse for forging pain pill scripts, at his own deep peril.

James keeps pointing out emotional meaning, accusing House of being a nihilist.  He posits that families have inherent, evolution grown bonds that suport love. House says all love is contingent and a that evolution also supports war. (Which of us hasn’t had that discussion!)

The diologue is too quick for me, but if I could slow it down I’d tell you that it is funny. I’m smart, but slow, you see. Like good old Samwise in the Lord of the Rings. The Wizard said not to underestimate slow thinking. As compared to quick.

I’m waiting for the next episode. What a dramatic tension!

The tension is romantic. Does she really love me, or am I just a smart handsome guy with money who is good in sex? Yes, family ties are contingent, and yes, they are truly meaningful and important.

That episode was great drama and storytelling, allowing me to be in two places at once, to suggest a resolving epiphany.