gothraggedys1.jpgWhat is the importance of hate? Is it a signal of knowing? A clue for introspection?

What could be wrong with knowing what to avoid, and what to cultivate? Hate must be a signal of intelligence singing through the emotions.

Or of the emotions manipulating awareness, like a puppet.

What’s the difference? Why not hate, unreservedly?

Perhaps Heinlein and the Dalai Lama meant that to Grok something, to appreciate it as itself fully, could include pushing it away.

Or perhaps any disagreement with our needs ought to be sway to those needs.

If a human can’t discriminate between the wisdom of love, and the wisdom of hate…

I try not to have sex with people who can’t look at their emotion with enough discrimination (curiosity mixed with equanimity) to discern direction. At least, I wish I did.

Maybe awareness holds within it warning signals. Hate is the car alarm of consciousness; a warning, not only of external danger, but of internal hijacking. A clue to twist the eyes inward also.

I laugh loudly at the cartoon show The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. But Mandy is not clever. She can’t wear white cheerfully. Goth underwear. Underlying garments of safe black directionlessness; and hate lacks the prime direction; it is as blind as blind can be.

Why hate isn’t obviously dangerous emotional manipulation is so… so… damn it but an insult would fit well here. Anything to provoke introspection. But hate can’t look inward.

We can’t see what it is that we are not seeing. Introspection sometimes shows nothing. Introspection takes a lot of practice and effort. I used to sit in forests, meditating, hour after hour, week after week. It’s hard won knowledge, the simple things; like that hate is not a viable direction; it doesn’t protect us or push away what is bad.

There are reasons why maturity is universally associated with engaged equanimity and compassion. Hate is for kids.

To accuse someone of having the interior lighting of a mudflap requires laser specific thought manipulation. So for counterpoint here is a skillful post about what one can rightfully be pissed about. The writing is clear and vigorous and as incisive as scissors. A quote:

gollum.jpgI’m angry that according to a recent Gallup poll, only 45 percent of Americans would vote for an atheist for President.

It goes on and on from there. I’m getting limp wristed to try to make comment. Do people always lose idealism as they age? I just can’t associate strong emotions against other people’s ignorance any more. People are people. Most of us are pretty clueless, most of the time. But hate is not someone else’s imposition upon us. We could possibly modify our own internal composition and position enough to just be happy.

I think that would be smarter than being pissed.

From the comments:

All this anger is well-directed, as far as I’m concerned. I think emotions are the body’s way of telling us that something is not right and needs to be corrected. You’re right, if there was no anger, nothing would change. Anger is a very useful force, but gets a bad name from people who can’t be angry without being blatantly aggressive and destructive.

Step one, have emotions. Step two, learn to control emotions. Step three, learn to not over-control emotions. Step 3-a up to 3-z, integrate the control over emotions with continuously updated embodied appreciation of new input. Neither an academic nor an addict be.

Anger is what teens require to be able to own their own opinions. What they think are their own opinions, at least. Anger is a needed disinhibitor, a way to make needed changes.

images.jpgLove is a broader dis-inhibitor. Sloppy broad. But the mind needs that kind of sloppy grease, to get over the humps of our fundamental bumps. You can not possibly think, if you don’t have thoughts, and thoughts are lego brick – they are all individually useless and even at their best concert are lovely. We need love, and we need de-construction. The 20th century is full of romance and deconstruction. Picasso made a boatload of money by painting people as if they were made of constituent parts. Yes, we need that in our face, that is grandfatherly wisdom. But cubism, and “modern” art is forever trying to remind us that thoughts are only thoughts. De-construction is a big-wow-insight, and we’ve given it grand name – post-modernism. As for this 21st century, we are edging into that we also need internal engineering.

Love, deconstruction, and engineering. Don’t give me none of your hate – it has the weight of icing sugar on eyelashes. My eyes are unaffected by it. Show me the money, the love, and the engineering.

Oh ya. The money. Idealism without practicality is like science without experiment. Any teenager can be a good communist.