jetsons1.jpgContinuing on the grand theme of how angst avoidance chooses what we think we choose, this sourced from George Dvorsky at Sentient Developments:

You either get it or you don’t

When it comes to anticipating the future, you either get it or you don’t.

Existential risks: You either acknowledge the strong possibility that humanity could go extinct in the coming decades, or you don’t.

Singularity: You either recognize the radical potential for greater-than-human artificial superintelligence and its disruptive capacity, or you don’t.

Molecular Assembling Nanotechnology: You either subscribe to the Drexlerian vision of nanoscale engineering and its potential to revolutionize society and biology, or you don’t.

Global Warming: You either accept the substantive threat of anthropogenic climate change and the dangers of runaway global warming, or you don’t.

Transhumanism: You either accept the notion that our species has the capacity to become a self-modifying posthuman and postcorporeal species, or you don’t.

Radical Life Extension: You either agree that aging is a disease that can be defeated, or you don’t.

So, do you get it?