I try to point out the defects in our (read other’s) thinking. It’s a fun game to play with your own house of cards.

Sometimes it takes me weeks, usually months, and many time years to see how myopic and uninclusive and just plain idiotic wrong I’ve been. When people clearly explain why I’m wrong, I hear my own head, and my own head has other ideas. When people ambiguously explain why I’m wrong, I try my best to meet and interact with benefit, and I assume my intention holds big weight in the community of ideas. As it’s a well worn intention, a deep path, a strong and solid path of good meaning, I gamble on good results. Yet the dice don’t roll to flatter me. Facts affront me to face; I’m nice and good and wonderful and great, but people are pissed at me. When thoughts collide. Somewhere or other, a collision resulted in more rebound than union.

And there and that is what I’m trying to figure out and warn others against.

This is why I’m studying how to bypass our needs to be correct, when exchanging ideas. Why I talk of the need for propaganda; how to sneak into us an idea.  I’d like to infect people with the intention to do helpful actions.

This post was inspired by what I’ve been reading from Dan Kahan’s research into how we make decisions about what is truth.  He’s found that social cognition is prior to reality based cognition, in other words, we can’t accept new facts that don’t fit in with what we already believe, unless those new facts will affirm our identity.  I’ll post links and quotes from his excellent articles after I’ve read them all and let the information re-organize me. 

Hopefully my house of cards will fall down, if it needs to, so that I can be in a place vulnerable enough to re-assemble such that new information can be included.