stress_is_bad.jpgThe fears came at me last week. I took them as a man, but they still eroded me.

It’s not true that a true man, or true believer, or true anything, is beyond fear. The conditions around us are the conditions that give rise to us. We manipulate our environment not only out of neurosis, but also out of sanity. And primal need. Burn the wood, kill the goat. My apologies to state the obvious – everyone knows we are subject to vagaries. Everyone knows that prayers and beliefs and hopes and bank accounts and food stores all offer small shelters against inevitable hurricanes.

I’d love to offer a philosophy to get people through hard times. If the philosophy was untrue, but helpful, well… which side of that coin is important? Pain or truth? Some people have the ability to organize painful truths into a cohesive picture that is in harmony with emotion. A big picture that includes the bitter into the sweetness. Not all of us do, and for most, pain avoidance means truth avoidance.

I’d love to stress that truth is good, that a higher good beckons. But that is contrary to millions of peoples lived experience; for most, truth is evil. Truth contradicts their beliefs, the beliefs that give them solace.

I’d love to think evolution holds potentials for us. I do think that. Potentials and dangers. I’m of the opinion that the dangers of evolution inevitably counter the benefits – technology kills. Technology will choicelessly kill. We can’t afford to evolve too far. If you haven’t come to this conclusion, you are technologically illiterate, or deluded. Evolution of technology implies that individuals become hyper intelligent and hyper connected and in control of molecular and sub molecular scale environmental factors. Near limitless data storage and manipulation, coupled with near limitless creative capacity of invention, coupled with intimate environmental manipulation. We would need an over-mind of infinite power to control rogue individuals who create environmental havoc. I suggest that over-mind is unlikely, therefore technology should stop advancing, as it imperils us. We should, rather than increase knowledge, decrease population.

But back on topic. Stress intimidates us and makes us not our self. Whatever awareness is, it is dependent on the caverns and shapes of the physical environment that produces it. We can be in torment. We can be in pleasure. We do not exert full control over awareness; we are produced.

Update: It takes some time to wind down. Anxiety leads to cortisol which leads to amyglia shrinkage which leads to some mood disregulation which makes a vicious circle of viscous goo to step through. Sighs of relief let it out, day by day, and now I’m happily camping again. Fear and anxiety suck. Plentitude is happy time.

No matter where you go there you are. No matter where you go there you are. No matter, where you go. There you are. Our attitude follows us as karma, our us follows us as our inherited body, and where we are makes us. Dis-idenfication with sense experience is said to be mature, standing back to wait, and enjoying laughing at the tough times. Still, music and architecture and all external, and the power of emotions and body feelings and internal architecture; no amount of aloofness and transcendence negates them. Trouble may be trifling and temporary, and the self that fears may be the same, but all that illusion is real enough.