one_way.jpgOne of my best lovers – a woman who should and did rate high based on ability – was an idiot savant. Most of her mind was suppressed. Savants have most of their mind suppressed, and for the the rest of us in trance, and in dream, and in concentration, and in meditation, suppression is more important than what is looked at. Suppress, to concentrate, to highlight.

For me, I need alcohol to suppress my social inhibitions. I’m shy. I need meditation to get me back into my body. I’m heady.

I tout other solutions than suppression on this blog, but suppression is truly a good portion of what we do and need. Step by step, but suppression is akin to hypnosis, while growing older is akin to meditation. Integration of modules is a natural evolutionary step. Vision logic. A big picture is expected.

Sometimes it’s too big a stretch to go both ways, so we make a menu choice and dig in.