Newsweek is reporting that companies like AT&T, working with the White House are using their money to push for blanket retroactive immunity for their involvement in the administration’s warrantless wiretapping schemes.

The story (that I didn’t read, but correct me if I’m wrong) then goes on to focus questions on anything but the core issues. Spin. AT&T caved in to government pressure, and now demands that the government exhonerate it, legally. Duh. A ball is dropped, and it falls. Legal scholars debate the laws of gravity.



Get over your idea of law. A peoples law?! How old are you, Cinderella?

Update: Not everyone can appreciate poetry and metaphor. The reason for it is not only to gift rich meanings, but to make the reader work for the reward of understanding. If the reader works to make associations, those associations have more impact. Personally.

Update: Zen masters don’t stand in front of blackboards and charts, explaining the meanings of each koan, grade by grade.

You have to do the work yourself, first, before you can even ask if you have the right answer. Maybe your answer is different than the answer of the teacher. It is your work that is at issue, not the answer. Poetry makes you work, makes you make your meaning.

Meanings are slippery, forgetfull, subject to passion, and od d dly inventive.