Psyblog has a useful post titled 10 Grateful Steps to Happiness  in which he outlines easy to follow steps to up your daily happiness level by about 25% by reminding yourself to be grateful.

Gratitude is a form of contentment that is easy to create. Are there other such forms of contentment that we can make a habit?

A few spring to mind:

  1. Libido and erotic pleasure. A life can be imbued with eroticism.
  2. Being in love, or feeling a general sense of love.
  3. Being so fully engaged and absorbed in the senses as to feel “in the flow”
  4. Trying to share your happiness by trying to make other people feel happy.
  5. Health.  A healthy body feels better.
  6. Being socially engaged.
  7. Being intellectually engaged.

There can be tricks involved in maintaining these other forms of happiness boosting habits as well.  In my mornings, I like to feel gratitude and love and eroticism for my mate, and make it my habit to hold her and try to make her feel loved and warm and happy, by stroking her and cooing love messages to her.  Great way to start a day.