hanging_on.jpgThe Kyoto protocol and all other greenhouse gas reducing schemes are now irrelevent.  We have past the tipping point to where the heating of the climate will fuel its own further heating, regardless of what we do.  We lit the match, but blowing out the match won’t stop the fire.  Reducing 100% of all human produced greenhouse gases will not come even close to stopping the rapid global warming problem.  We are in for many thousands of years of the earth being about as hot as it has ever been.

We’ve known this for at least a year now.  Losing reflective snow and ice near the poles was the start.  The greenhouse gas methane that is frozen on ocean beds is now melting, which will increase global warming. 

The solutions at this point could include sequestering greenhouse gases, and blocking out the suns rays either in our atmosphere or above it. 

From Science Blog: Can’t be good: Lake boiling with methane

Last month, UAF researcher Katey Walter brought a National Public Radio crew to Alaska’s North Slope, hoping to show them examples of what happens when methane is released when permafrost thaws beneath lakes.

When they reached their destination, Walter and the crew found even more than they bargained for: a lake violently boiling with escaping methane.