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All sorts of natural things are harder to find in cities.  Happiness and contentment might be among them.

Update: But, umm, please stay in your city.  Unless you can have a lower impact upon the countryside than you have in the city.  A big house in the country is a great solution for an individual, but kills the us and the environment that we are interdependant with.

A Bamboo shack and local produce don’t appeal to most, as we associate contentment with status.  Strangely, a simple lifestyle affords more free time than a lifestyle that can afford modern conveniences, at least in the tropics.  Our basic needs are simple enough to be met with technologies older than our grandparents grandparents.  Modernity has brought to us; a) more freedom from material want and greater joy, or b) stress and a reliance on antidepressants in order to function well enough to do our jobs so that we can eat.

I’m painting a simple picture, to make the picture clearer.  The big picture I want to convey is best conveyed by comparing Google Earth Maps of any location that still has forests, yearly.  There isn’t much space left.  And then look at charts of the average work week hours, over the years and decades and centuries.  A small populace surrounded by greenery has it way easier than city folks.