basheff_hand.jpgI was playing inside a lucid dream a few nights ago, and it was enchanting.  I was conducting music in my mind.  What a joyful creation.  To create a base note, I realized that I had to ask for it; a split second later it would appear, at the right time, resonant and of quality timbre.  Or not.  You see, I had to ask for the note to appear, if I wanted to make some conscious change to the music.  Just as in a dream, the music mostly arose without conscious intervention, and included multiple parallels of information.  Some of the music was foggy, just as in a dream some images are bare outlines of ideas, not vividly displayed.  I’ve come to the conclusion that consciousness must emphasize and amplify unconscious signals in order for them to emerge.  Where consciousness relates backwards to unconsciousness through directions to do various processesses, it has a bottleneck of attention, and can only process 4 or 7 things at once.  But the mind itself has virtually unlimitted capacity for processing multiple streams of information.

You can see the multiple streams being processed unconsciously, and arising in consort into consciousness, and how conciousness then directs the unconscious processes, all in dreams.  There may be hazy indistinct ideas surfacing, and as you pay attention to one, the images congeal, and as they congeal, your interest and the mysterious muse work together to create some novelty. 

What a blast.