my_first_rave.jpgI’ve found that sometimes I can be embodied in such a way that being embodied is deeply satisfying. As if a fount of wellbeing were burbling out from my heart and infusing energies throughout my body.

I’m pretty sure that the chi-kung practice has a lot to do with that. My girlfriend is also a source and support.  And many painful hours trying to develop mindfullness must be part of the history, as is trying to upkeep those habits by taking times to rest in sensations. Finding and making a routine of contentment takes work, and some of that work might start as being very uncomfortable and demanding.

On some days I come down from days of living it up and burning both ends of the candle. Nightly drinking, many hours a day of T.V., and lots of reading and thinking get a sharp contrast when I switch habits over to just resting in the moment and in my body. At those junctures of habit, I am reminded to keep up the habit of reminding myself that a fount of ease and peace is a prior priority, reminded to stay grounded, be present, creatively enjoy.

I’d sure like to be better able to share what I’m talking about more directly than through a blog post. With a lover, one gets to share subjective experiences more directly. I’m not sure if I can find words to resonate with a reader about how to find and re-create habitual feelings of peace, joy and ease.  I haven’t gone into much detail about specific practices, as much has already been written about chi-kung and kundalini and Buddhist meditations and other life enhancing mindfullness practices.  But when I feel very good, I’d like to somehow share that possibility with others.