propoganda.jpgIt’s the nature of meme processing to suppress what causes death to the prime memes.  Humans are denial machines.  We can’t think outside our own boxes, we can’t process information that does not fit in.

Aside: In this mornings dream, I decided to have fun and fly again.  This time I succeeded in remembering that flying is 100% impossible in dreams; I can’t learn how to fly in real life from practicing in dreams. So there I was, trapped in a dream context, unaware of what country my real body lived in, or what my recent history was.  In the dream world I was living in Canada.  Where was my real body?  How could I wake from the dream? 

You can fit the immersive dream reality together with how we think.  Our reality encompasses us, and we can’t quite see the edges of it, let alone the surrounding landscape.

And now, to feminism.  Attack.

Here are quotes from a discussion between some smart folks.  The full article could be worth your read.

RU: If you acknowledge that every other living animal group has certain inherent forms of social organization, it’s fundamentally absurd to say, “Well no, human beings don’t.” And certain people on the left remind me of fundamentalist Christians. It’s kind of a denial of evolution. They’re not denying Darwin, but they’re denying something that is a logical extension of Darwin.

JQ: Right. And the sort-of social science academics on the left are the only ones who have a problem with this stuff. When I speak in front of most women, they’re trying to understand their husband and they’re all over it. They want to understand why does he do the things he does; why does he communicate the way he does? People on the street assume that there’s something fundamentally different about men and women.

RU: What happens with people in the process of a sex change — like a guy who’s taking a lot of estrogen and that sort of thing? Have you looked into that?

JQ: Sure, I’m fascinated with that stuff. If a woman gets a sex change operation, and she starts taking injections of testosterone, different genes that are suppressed are turned on in her, and she finds herself feeling more aggressive; she finds it harder to cry; she finds it easier to get angry; and she can’t get sex out of her mind. I talked to one woman who was in the midst of this process, and she said, “God, I suddenly understand how guys feel.”