This 1980’s Australian Pop band controls the radio stations here. They must pump out huge wads of payola. Air Supply dominates the airwaves with their march rhythm tunes. I don’t get the fascination or the ability of a people to listen to the same song for day after day, year after year. Top 40 for 10 years straight? Get over it – the songs suck.

Music becomes painful if it expresses a powerful emotion that you don’t feel. Schmalsty Barry Manalo and Barbara Streisand, pop, teen heavy metal, anything that pretends to be moving that can’t move you. Teens and Asians seem specially suited to subsume their “person”ality into a group think of emotion – maybe thats why music witha happy-us-we-are-the-champions march beat do well here. I can put up with a bit of that, but where it gets weird is rallying around a march-tune with a soppy sentiment that I’ve never felt.

Update: Any song with the word “always” in it is a pop tune made for children.