crore_teaser_drawing.jpgTom Robbins, in his novel Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, talks of six qualities unique to humans, but not possessed by most of us. Comments mine.

  1. Humor. Not slapstick, but humor that delights in the shock of unexpected re-cognition. Humor irreverent to its core, able to wink at itself.
  2. Curiosity about things that do not relate to your well-being.
  3. Imagination. In order to see reality, you need to use your imagination.
  4. Eroticism. There are levels of eroticism, from the most physical up to kundalini up to devotional up to non dual tantra. Monkeys masturbate, but a monkey can’t give good head. Mixed with the other 5 uniquely human attributes, the sexual can be fully human.
  5. Spirituality. Enriched by and requiring all 5 other human attributes.
  6. Rebelliousness. Rebelliousness is radical curiosity, radical humor, radical imagination, radical eroticism, radical aesthetics. The decision to refuse the bargain of accepting social limitations for the payoff of social acceptance. Rebelliousness is not self-interest gone wild. Unless you consider the terrible two’s rebellious. Rebelliousness as a human trait wonders at boundaries and takes a part in their creation. God grant me the wisdom to accept what I can not change, change what I can, and to see the difference. And to choose a choice that makes things gooder.

It is a rare blog that shows all the human attributes. Do we mute our sexuality on geek blogs? Mute our humor on political blogs? Is it that we don’t give voice to all ourselves, publicly, or is the problem with the authors command of their full humanity?