milk_over_coffee_sm.jpgThis morning’s dream had an instructive feel to it. I was explaining to Dad that when having philosophical discussions, sometimes I choose to hold on to important details, at the expense of the relationship.

Not all discussions are trivial – sometimes a small detail can reverberate for years, throughout a life.

At the Rocky Mountain Dharma Center Buddhist seminar in 1991, I had such an intense discussion, for days on end, with a teacher both inside and outside of class. He maintained that conscious experience was linear, each moment observed, one after another. This irqued me no end, as this was a BHUDDIST seminar, and he was preaching a view that hampered meditation. My point was that the fact that awareness can arise in endless parallels allowed for the mind to rest in a type of non-dual perception, not dependent on a central observer. This had been my experience and understanding from reading, contemplating, and meditating, and it had been radically transformative to many waking and sleeping moments – perceptions often arose in vividly detailed tandem, not dependent on me “placing” a guiding filter of awareness anywhere. Not restricted by the bottleneck of a central processor.

I’m not a stickler for philosophical details in all relationships, but if someone cares enough to engage in a discussion of ideas, the ideas can be important.

But we often feel attacked when our ideas are attacked. In a way, rightly so, as the important ideas do define and create us. One small detail can reverberate.