I don’t have access to earphones at this computer, but this Onion video is still funny.  It speaks with all the cues of Authority that the Public is conditioned to.  It has the clothes, mannerisms, backdrop, spit and polish down. 

The some-of-the-people-all-of-the-time are keen to be informed on what everybody else is also swallowing.  If the Authority seems Authoritative, they are relieved to be with the program. 

The Onion is subverting the authority of the TV News venue.  The Daily show subverts then reclaims it.  But, is it possible to be ironic, reclaim, and reach the idiots, all at the same time?

Could we create a new Jerry Falwell icon, have him spew such that the religious would nod along, make him funny, and make him say pertinent truths?

That would fun propaganda.  Reaching all audiences at once at the level they are capable to hear.

It would be like making a joke about retards in the company of the retard and having the retard laugh along, while the grandparents chuckled at the bitter sweet human condition.