crotchstare.jpgSome quotes from posts on about gender relations:

Nature is sexist. It created us different with different class strengths and weaknesses. We are not androgynous by birth and gender is not merely a social construct.

Humans need to get over it and embrace our TRUE natures. Men need to be strong enough for women to withstand all their shyt-tests. ‘What you can’t say no to has power over you.’ So if a man never says no to a woman – he’s showing that she has power over him – which is a turn-off to both.

This seems common sense but in our feminist counter-culture, the obvious truth has been made taboo and replaced by groupthink falsehood. Truth is, “feminism” has become a sugar-coated pseudonym for misandry, female supremacy, anti-femininity, closet masculinism, penis envy, lesbianism & androgyny. And very often, the projection of personal issues and the scapegoating for one’s personal problems onto men.


If many western men are more comfortable acting in a somewhat feminine manner while remaining hetero – as a sexual proclivity; it may be that they’ve been taught to repress their own masculinity so as not to upset mom or some other whom they needed to please while growing up. It is noticeable… the phenomenon is evident and obvious -particularly in urban areas…And with intellectuals too- for some reason when the cognitive aspects are developed to a high degree in both sexes many see them as neutralized (neutered) in their sexual aspect.


Having let a lot of silence into my soul over the years, I can say my gender has indeed blossomed.

And what I find is that it is an animal.

An animal that drives me with wild passion to strongly slam my girlfriend up against the wall, and push deeply against her body. She may struggle, she may giggle, or moan. But that’s all surface, for when I reach behind her and grab hold of her hair, pulling her head back and exposing her neck, she surrenders to me completely. I love this.

And so does she.

We eventually strip ourselves of our masks, our conventions, and our clothes, and become completely naked, both physically and psychologically, so that we may both express our truest selves to one another.

I am yang, and she is yin. It all makes sense in the bedroom, this dance of light and dark, hot and cold, power and yielding. When these two polarities combine, everything is created. (Including babies if we aren’t careful.)

The question then becomes, how far do we take this primordial dance of polarities that works so well between the sexes and apply it to our everyday behavior?

Any post about gender differences on the will say bold things about what is ridiculous about a feminism that denies gender differences. Such as his post Why Men Prefer Asian Women