sneering_emporor.jpegI rarely have philosophical discussions with someone I’m dating. It isn’t worth the risk of causing rift.

I’m not good at keeping male friends either, because I can be very cutting – a prick, in other words.

I’ve been kicked off of moderated discussion forums, or had posts shut down, for speaking my mind as clearly as I can. Those same forums had a few fans of my writing, but since what I write can be politically incorrect as well as cutting, insulting and possibly wrong, people get on edge, and I am seen as worse than subversive. I can’t stop pissing people off.

I have yet to find the solution. I want to be a master propogandist – to make complex visions accessable and palatable the uncomplicated masses, and at the same time speak subtle and painful truths to those with cocked ears. I am like an indie film director given a big budget film. How to reach the masses, yet still be subtle and true? I want my ideas to have the impact that comes with clear and engaging writing.

Lately I’ve been trying to inform my friend of my alternate views, on her blog. Originally she engaged me, then engaged less, then wound up not allowing my comments. Perhaps because I insulted her sex life and told her that the very method of her thinking process was flawed? I’m not sure, exactly, but she must have felt that I was detracting from the quality of her life, rather than enhancing. My intention was to enhance.