happy_mantis2.jpgIt seems that I am living in a happy society here. People all seem quick to laugh, easy to tickle, coming from a place that makes their bodies squirm and eyes twinkle.

Almost everywhere I go, people want to engage in heart to heart with me, just share a laugh. On some days my privacy in inpinged with “Hello Mister”, but on the days that I drink or am hungover, I really appreciate these people.


People in the U.S. have no idea how isolated and dull and unhappy they make themselves, out on the street.

I can’t know how much of the mood of others is a mirror to mine. My mentor in the U.S. always had strangers nodding and greeting him with joy, while ignoring me.

I just have to say that if you have a genuine burning joy and passion and love in your heart, people want to laugh with you. Everywhere I go.

The movie A Good Year picks up on that. It is set, of course, in France, where the good life is honored. It is full of whimsy and absurdity and a life bent on choosing whimsy and absurdity. The theme was shamefully elucidated in two sentences of a phone conversation in the last 5 minutes. Something like “what seems like heaven to you now will soon become boring” The protagonist looked on to the figure of his fiance and the cultivated acres of vineyeard, and said “we’ll see”.

I’m not bored. You can sit on a meditation cushion staring at a carpet and be as engaged as a chess master. Boredom doesn’t happen to people who are not boring.

People chose harried lifestyles out of fear of boredom. It is plain and documented how self-defeating that fear is.

In the movie Fast Food Nation, the kids cut the fence of a cattle farm, naively expecting the cows to run free. Here on my blog, I try to cut fences. Have you ever heard someone tell you “I know I should leave but I fear change”? We are most of us aware how self-hypnotized we are, how stupified we are. Most of us are dazed, but know that we are dazed.

Don’t care to get up off the couch? Come on, it can be fun. Drop some acid, meditate a lot, have kundalini sex, hang out with disciplined meditators, befriend some worthy mentors. Find some niche where people are totally engaged – whatever it is. Bowling, crocheting, surfing, kung-fu, painting, music, meditation, sex. No matter where you go, there you are. I’m so full of frustration trying to convey the simplest message, that I get to convey here so easily. Delight and ease.