Carlos Casteneda posited that experience is an interpretation; change your interpretation, change reality. Academia bought it, and earned royalties. It took over a decade to see the fiction in the fantasy.

Women’s studies is another world-view-first anthropological/political event. Men have been creating reality, and now women should. The world is a cultural event, subject to radical re-shaping.

– – – – –

At age 12 I would practice self hypnosis. I recorded hour long sessions in which after deep relaxation I suggested to feel love in every cell of the body.

At age 16 I learned more formless meditations, sucah as mantra repetition, and breathing through the heart chakra.

By age 21 I was living in a Buddhist monastery. To begin with we sat in meditation for 10 hours each day, for three months. Each morning a half hour was focused on tonglen; breathing in the suffering of others into the center of your chest, and breathing out peace, joy, and contentment.

(As I write a whining 1990’s pop ballad expressing an emotion I’ve never experienced tells me “How could this happen to me!? I’ve made my mistakes! I’ve nowhere to run! But life goes on!” I’d prefer to be bitten by a mosquito.)

Many books have been writen about the life altering powers of increasing love and compassion.

What is less discussed is the power of opening and powering the 2nd and 3rd chakras.

It is widely known that some meditations can lead to (the subjective experience of) strong energy rising up the spine, and that after that happens, the sex drive increases dramatically.

The kundalini experience is often over-whelmingly intense, and can lead to energetic imbalances. (Energetic imbalances=going mental) Adherents to that discipline consider the imballances a temporary part of an awakening process.

Chi-kung is a gentler, safer approach to awakening dormant kinesthetic awarenesses.

If the center of the chest holds the power of fiery and all embracing empathy, the area below the belly holds the power of sex. That area also can open and strengthen, can feel and commune directly with the world.

The solar plexus rarely gets talked about, outside of esoteric circles. The feeling there is embodiment, power. Some use the word “will”, some “power”. Mind and body meet in the body, living, strength. The solar plexus is a primal embodiment. Don’t knock primates. Living embodied power is real. You wanna mess with a monkey?

The perinium is also a chakra. You won’t read of the god-like wonders of the perinium alongside the blessings of the heart in Romeo and Juiliet, yet atuning to that nexuss of nerves is like listening to the timpani in the orchestra.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, all the chakras are essential to participation in sex.

We practice our being. We are an orchestra in communion, especially when we sex.

And it isn’t just about letting all the choir members have voice. The gestalt is in the communions – harmonics and discords and tempo and theme.

We live in a kinesthetically illiterate society – a society that doesn’t blink or pause between “just” and “sex”. The walking dead.

People breathing in and out, unaware of their body.

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At a low financial ebb, I let the answering machine listen to the creditors. They would nag as believably as paid phone operators could. “It is VERY important that you call us.”

Like the dong after the ding when the doorbell rings, my thought would be; “important to who?

I say that sex is important, Universally. Not just important to me and my subjective experience.

I say that it is important to you.