satyr.jpgWhen we integrate our knowledge and can see meta-narratives and arrays of them cogently enough that we can make value judgments, (understand and appreciate other cultural possibilities and still think that clitorectamy is not a good idea) we make a meaningful picture out of all the meaningful pixels (that are themselves made out of pictures that are made out of pixels, and each picture changing meaning in context to its connections). The pieces communicate themselves into a vision, and the visions communicate themselves into meta-visions, and all the many meta-visions communicate themselves into accessible big visions. A blurry meaningless fuzz congeals into a picture than contains thousands of words and thousands of contexts.

When we practice kinesthetic awareness meditations we can feel our felt pieces as a communicating whole.

And we can both embody our senses and have a big mental picture, at the same time. The mind/body duality is healed. We are like a centaur; the lower half is an animal, the upper half has all the noblest human attributes. We use all of our triune brain, and don’t priviledge just the cortex. We embrace all that we are, and more than that, we embody what we are. You can have neurons fire in concert. Be emotional and at the same time rational and at the same time sexual and at the same time empathetic – our many ways to be can be simultaneously and with an integrated harmony.

What is enlightenment? The question can be inherently academic if the answer must come only from reason. What about another approach. If the experience of deep dreamless sleep could integrate with the experience of dreaming with the experience of being awake and if all our ideas could integrate and if all this could integrate with our physical senses, what would that be like? (I’m not enlightened, but have found the attempt to be so fruitful)

People have been living practices that do exactly this. People are doing exactly this. You can do exactly this. You can be aware during deep dreamless sleep, you can have lucid dreams, and you can experience, especially in meditation, the awareness of deep dreamless sleep while sitting up with your eyes open. You can integrate your body and your sex and your rationality. It can all be of a piece.

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