av-39.jpgMy lover was complaining about my kisses. She claimed I was not kissing her back. She was questioning my love for her.

I told her to stop complaining, and stood up to do some chi-kung. I explained that love is an act, not words, and that chi-kung would fill me with power, that would function as love.

She kept clinging after me, wanting to hold me, wanting to have sex, wanting closeness. I made her wait.

After one hour she came in for a kiss. The lips may have moved the same, but this time we felt spark. This shut her up and she let me practice more chi-kung.

After two hours we had sex. My body was integrated and strong; powerful and overflowing with love and passion yet harnessed and carefully intimate, carefully intimate enough to ride right up to the edge, play there, and then find a new edge to ride into. When we are that high, she allows and wants boundaries broken, intimacy takes any shape – rough or tender – wild energy is love.

She used to be wary of me doing chi-kung before sex, as I would keep fucking her even after she was tired. Yes, I did push her stamina. I habitually pushed her just a bit past her limits. You should see how she has flowered and grown and strengthened and opened now. Now she is no longer wary of me doing chi-kung, and encourages it. Energy is what we use, what burns as love.

Many men, after orgasm, find their love for their mate diminishes.

What would be the opposite? Chi-kung! One can increase libido.

What is chi-kung? Harmonization amongst the many kinesthetic senses. Can you keep your perineum relaxed while getting a blow job? Can you feel the soles of your feet at the same time as you feel the top of your head? All the senses can integrate, come together, work together, as an orchestra comes together. You can get not only control, but finesse, not only finesse, but power. Chi-kung is the music of the kinesthetic sense.

What do you feel in the middle of your chest when you are in love, or heartbroken? That is the kinesthetic sense – your emotions and body work together. You can re-create and strengthen love if you pay attention to the kinesthetic sense – you can feel into your heart, and feel love. Then feel individually into other emotional and energetic nexuses in the body-mind, then feel them together. Learn the flute in your body, learn the cello in your body, learn the timpani. Learn to play them together.

Then learn to jam with another symphony.

Chi-kung is essential to living the good life. Just as are exercise and music and food and companionship.