333072026_bb9b0cb194_o.jpgI like to cycle awareness through resting in the moment, idle daydreaming, noticing patterns and thinking about things, eating, sleeping, having sex, and working. Other than sex, I haven’t been very physically active lately – no ping pong or weight lifting or mountain hikes or snorkeling.

Throughout the day I like bringing my mind back to issues. I chew and swallow ideas, regurgitate and chew again, until digested.

Some ideas that grab me lately:

* the importance of having full out mind blowing sex, regularly, and the sin of having sex where you are a separate being from your lover, daydreaming of others or involved in mutual masturbation, spending some time building to let go in a second chakra release. How to describe the difference. How to live a life of powerful sexual love.

* How to love your mate enthusiastically.

* Physical realities of passion.

* The importance of silence, taking time to have no ambition and not do anything, resting the mind and body in sense perceptions, and enjoying.

* The sickness of materialism, how it invades and perverts life, turning all motions into politics and greed and striving for something.

* Love, happiness, contentment.

I saw this on edge.org today:

The choice facing the next generation will not be between left and right, but between politics and non-politics. The consolation peddled by the left/right narrative was twofold: a) that life is an economic phenomenon, and b) that politicians have the tools and ability to manage this phenomenon. That story doesn’t hold up any more…

Meanwhile, alternative value-systems are making ever bigger and more persuasive offers to consumer-citizens. The choice for our children will not be which political option to follow, but whether to commit to the political process at all. Until politicians can find a way of framing the issues at stake—dignity, happiness, meaningfulness—and mapping a variety of coherent options for approaching them, the political system will continue to wither.

I used to spend most of my energies in economic persuits. Workaholics are not renowned for living fullfilling lives. But what alternative value systems are out there?

I was born in the sixties, so my formative years were influence by hippies and gypsies and meditators and artists finding new ways and new territories. They had a huge global influence. But we forget them, we diminish what they gave us. We became pragmatic. What a waste of a life, to be pragmatic.

I think we need to re-articulate the importance of clear value systems. Laissez fair everyone do their own thing and follow your bliss is cool, but that doesn’t say anything, nothing useful. Do your own thing? Be an oppressive religious nutball? Be an economic tyrrant damaging our global commons? The time is now and has always been now to get priorities straight. Pragmatism is bullshit, an excuse to just go on in any old uninventive direction, because we are too lazy to try any other way, or because we just don’t give a shit anyway.

mursiipod.jpgThe materialistic life style is seriously diseased – it can not even function without suicidal environmental degradation. It is diseased through and through, top to bottom, with an insatiable materialistic hunger; work week hours increase along with productivity. A hollow hunger that can be fed, like feeding our computer with new video games or feeding our stereo with new music or feeding our pocket with a cell-phone PC.  We want the sea shell necklace, the I-pod, the bangles, the sexy lip, the face paint, the AK-47 protection.  Maybe some nice shoes.  But what of nourishment, for mind, body, and spirit? How to continue on humanities arc of attending to the fundamentals? They don’t ever become a side issue, a secondary issue.

The good, the true, the beautiful. Communion, embracing insight, the senses. Contentment is a serious art. So how to talk about that, meaningfully yet without imposition?