wtf_dools_016.jpgSome men feel less love after they orgasm.


A recent article in is titled Ecstasy really does unleash the love hormone.

From the article: Studies in rats suggest the drug causes a brain surge of oxytocin – the hormone that helps bond couples, as well as mothers to their babies.

Iain McGregor at the University of Sydney in Australia, and his colleagues studied the effects of ecstasy in rats, which, like people, become more sociable on the drug. “It’s very characteristic behaviour. They lie next to each other and chill out,” McGregor says.

The finding ties in with reports from people on ecstasy about how they feel, McGregor points out. Rodent studies have shown a massive surge of oxytocin after orgasm in males. “It’s interesting that guys on ecstasy feel more sensual than sexual,” McGregor says. “It could be that raising oxytocin levels puts them in that sort of post-orgasmic state where they’re actually not very good at performing sexually but they feel really good about the person they’re with.”

They suspect that the oxytocin release might be implicated not only in the pro-social effects of ecstasy but also in the reinforcing effects.


Increased androgen steroids (e.g. testosterone) generally have a positive correlation with libido in both sexes.


Libido is more than sexual drive. It is also a habit of embodied expression of passion. Little kids dance around and giggle and wrestle with unhindered unfettered unrestricted uninhibited libido.


Ecstasy makes you feel good and more social. Increasing libido makes you feel more love and sexual attraction. Increasing libido could therefore have effects similar to taking ecstasy – allowing for a greater feeling of connection with others, and partaking of a universal love. You walk around stoned on the drug of love and lust, and that makes you feel more alive and happy.

There are things you can do to increase libido. Weight lifting and exersise increase testosterone. A male will have more testosterone if he is an Alpha male. Women react to high testosterone men positively, giving positive re-enforcement for further testosterone production. Eating good food and staying healthy is important. Chi-kung and energetic practices make a HUGE difference.

Very important in increasing libido is the style of sex. Sex needn’t diminish libido – ideally it should increase it, to the point where a feeling love and lust and libido is near permanent. As sex releases oxytocin, it is possible that a heightened ongoing passionate libido would also heighten average oxytocin levels.

Intense sex is where all inhibitions are gone, there are no barriers to intimacy, you have enough familiarity and control over your energies that you can rise to very high plateaus without orgasm, and you can let your voice scream and your body and face writhe and contort as they will. Staring into the eyes of your lover will be a fresh shock, everything is so incredibly intense and vivid, as if you were just born there. You feel that your sensations and those are your lover mingle. You are intensely present, full of intense love and lust and pleasure. Your being is, in its devotion and bliss, prayer. This is not an issue of release – it is an issue of prayer. Your being is being, your function is functioning, you have become what you really are.

Libido is a lifestyle. Sniffing a lovers neck is given over to fully. Inhale the drug, place your love and attention inside your beloved, mingle and get drunk on her. This is not a time to keep on top of your game and be the careful wise-ass. It is a time to give over to enjoyment. Be present, mix and mingle and let enjoyment of life take you. Every day offers thousands of opportunities to pay homage to libido. Each female ass on the street demands the eyes to pay two seconds of discreet devotional respect. Any eyes gazed or even glanced into must be met with the full openness given to a lover. A sniff and sip of tea is physical nowness and pleasure. Everything is ripe or ripening and you are in communions everywhere.

A lifestyle of enhancing and honoring libido changes brain chemistry to make you happier – like being on ecstasy all the time. You feel a constant love for nearly everybody. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you want to do is embrace your lover. Wherever you go your heart is warm and a fire is in your belly. You never feel alone. Everyone is your friend.


If a woman snorts oxytocin, it will bypass the blood brain barrier to enter the brain. Her nipples will then get hard, and she will get horny.

A little more background that may be relevant if you want to try this at home. I’ve been practicing chi-kung and kundalini and daoist yoga and sex techniques for quite a while, so my body is wired up to be wired. My lover and I have sex from 2 to 4 times a day. Near permanent sex and post sex feelings are possible, if you want them. I do.

Update: More info on how Oxytocin acts as antidepressent, socializer, and mood enhancer here.