Is your sex life below capacity? The inhumanity of it all; a waste of erotic power unknown to non-humans.

I’ve known a woman who had an orgasm under the influence of beautiful foliage.  Who could role play an erotic fantasy to the edge where three muses perched gaping in jealous wonder, and then invite them to join the orgy.   Who sitting still and silent was more alive with sex than the most expressive pole dancer.

Her life has taken new directions.  New directions have taken her life.

I’m not sure if one can lay a compass on top the plans one lays on top of life, and expect the compass to do anything useful.  Trying to go somewhere in life might lead to getting there, and then what.  Or more likely not.  And then what.  Be careful what you wish for.

Jack of the Pirates-of-the-Carribean movie had a compass that pointed to where he wanted to go.  But the compass wandered when he didn’t know.   How to even know what to wish for, and then how to wish for what you want to wish for?

I have spent time impression-izing myself into where I want to go.  Walking around fields praying, walking around railyards wondering, making love, devotedly.

What have I tried to do with my life? What do you know that I have tried to do?

Please guess before you read further.

Love everyone. Experience truth directly as much as possible.

I have not succeeded in those goals – but that intention has effects. Alliegence to those intentions above others makes a difference in life satisfaction.

If that matters at all.

Does it?

And if not, what matters more?

Happiness and contentment and love. Do you want them? I’m not asking if they matter. Do you want them?

If you haven’t fucked in too long, or if the sex didn’t make your heart and voice unstoppable, you are not living a life aimed towards happiness and contentment and love. The proof is the actions.

Today and in most recent years I spend several hours a day in contemplation of my lover and our passion, extreme throat opening bliss, violence and tenderness and quiet moments and laughter that contains all of all sides in wicked/tender embrace. She enjoys me saying “your such a bad girl” even more than me saying “your such a good girl”, as she feels more completely loved with those words. She is everywhere with me in my heart and I fall in love constantly with those that meet my eyes.  There is no quibble.

This morning images of fifteen years ago invaded me, to remind. I had spent my clock cycles on bettering my worldly position. That’s mostly what I did.

I don’t do that now. Ya, I still attend to things – but that’s not the why of my what. Enjoyment suffuses and my heart loves as its function and I don’t mind terribly if I die and my life was and is well spent and there is nothing left undone and I want to live forever. My function is functioning.