shotwaxhead.jpgFeeling good feels good.  The empathetic also feel good making others feel good.

Eating meat feels good.  All us animals die.  An empathetic cow having an out of body after death experience would feel good to see his ground beef burgers making people feel good.

Intimacy feels good, as if separate subjective experiences color and blend into each other.  A kiss can be a little devotion, the more passion to give and to receive the greater the mingling, the greater the good feeling.

Being fully seen and accepted is a deep intimacy.

Everyone is part bitch and asshole.

Lovingly calling your woman, in moments of sexual thrill, “my little bitch” embraces and loves all her dirty little secrets, and lets them out to play.

Turning on your lover feels good.  Sometimes a lover thrills to feeling ownership of you, or to feeling dominated by you, or to having you watch while she auto-eroticises, or to fantasy play, or to sublimely soft and sweet romantic mingling, or to violent grunty consumation, or to risk or be publicly exposed in carnal intimacy, or to play with intense kundalini and chi kung magnetic fires, or to explode in as many releases as possible.

A good lover will take on any role, dominant, submissive, romantic, penetrating, penetrated, jokster, teaser, lightning show, anything.  A good lover could even feel an empathetic thrill from seeing her lover be turned on by peeing in her mouth, or having her mouth be peed in.

In the communion of empathy, all things degraded are extra specially spicily intimate and bound and close and secret and open.  An asshole licked is proof – the tongue right there on the worst part of you – proof of total, passionate embrace.

Security in love relationship feels good.  Ownership of another feels good.

Feeling free to explore any interest feels good.  Feeling trapped by passion of another lessens passion in oneself.

Lovers can maintain passion by keeping each other on edge, never let the other be totally confident, and see her as fundamentally free.  And try and try and try to own her, using every sneaky trick you can muster to tame her soul and heart and especially her ass into your embrace.  Never own her, or your passion will be snuffed, but try like hell to do so.

Feeling rightly rightous feels good.  Feeling empathy for someone who did bad feels good.  Feeling right and empathy at the same time feels better.

To train a lover to treat you well, and to seduce her into your embrace, see clearly all her faults, ground your self in your body and identity, refuse to identify with or hang around with abuse to you, and with a burning empathy embrace.  Love the fucking bitch, and don’t take no shit.  Then let it go into a brand new day.  You are old already, are capably separate and standing on two feet, self directed, in community, and you can make sense enough of it all to be a self directed individual who chooses to love assholes and bitches.  It feels better to love their weaknesses than not, to commune while being self directed.

Feeling free feels good.  Exploring forbidden delights feels good.  There can be a empathetic delight in watching who you own exploring forbidden delights.