The documented femine sexy traits that men of all cultures are sexually attracted to are signals of youth – even childish youth. A thick heavily cleft upper lip, like a suckling infant. Big eyes, like a child. Childishly high voice. More petite than a male. Childishly playful.

The Males-in-Power don’t yearly convene to discuss what body shapes shall be fashionable. We swoon uncontrollably when tried and true buttons are pushed.

So how is it a political issue; an issue of power; a question of if women demean themselves, give up power, by pasting a bunny tail to lycra and acting fluffy? It is done to push our pre-sets. We lose power to you when you do this. You gain control over us.

Saying that power is in the hands of whoever is giving the money is silly. If you are paid, you hold what was once our labour.

If anyone is exploited by women wearing bunny tails, it is men. You exploit our weakness that we labour for you to push our buttons.

A woman who diets and excercises; learns social graces; arts; wide conversational knowledge; and hones sexual skills, in effort to heighten attractive life force is not a sell out to male power. She is upping her value. Men have their counterpart strategies. You don’t hear us complaining of long labors to get and maintain importance. We admit to the game and play it, because we see it as worth the effort.

It seems that the more someone considers themself feminist, the less femininity is valued. Many western men move to Asia, where femininity is not a cross to bear, where men are worth the effort to suck up to. Thai women and Filipinas will spoon feed their man dinner, just as a western man will give his woman a careful foot rub. In the west that would be considered degrading to the woman. In Asia it is considered loving your man. What is the problem with a bunny tail? If it turns your man on, or if you are intending to turn men on, where does losing power, degradation, or being looked at as less than fully woman come into question? You are following your intention.

Puppies offer white bellies in turn to each other when they play. A puppy who won’t roll over and play submit is no fun. Who wants a lover who doesn’t want to degrade themself? No fun at all.

There was a study done on walking styles. Movies of men and women strolling were digitized and turned into stick figures. Men and women were asked to rate how masculine or feminine a walk was, how attractive it was to them, and how attractive they supposed it would be to the opposite sex. Women are more attracted to a masculine walk – elbows out, not much hip swishing. Men obviously like the hip swishing, and find elbows tighter to the body alluring. Men correctly guessed what type of walks women find sexy. The interesting finding of the study is that women were clueless as to what type of walk a man would like to see. They thought we want to see the bold confidence of the manly walk. Women are clueless as to what men want.

You are not listening, and you are so arrogant as to think that it is not important to listen.

Feminist desire, if I grok, is about equal opportunities.  But the world does not afford equal opportunities – the world is not built upon principles of equality.  Some women are more beautiful than others, some are smarter, some have stronger orgasms.  You can’t socially construct equality.  It isn’t a matter of popular vote.  What do you want, the equal opportunity to be similar to a man?  Go ahead – no one is stopping you, just don’t expect being manly to be sexually attractive.  Your freedom of choice is free – and so is ours.  I love smart chicks, but calling me shallow for appreciating a firm ass and youthful voice is as senseless as a mosquito buzz to me.  No amount of respect for equality will make all asses equal.

Maybe it seems I’m muddling and conflating women’s rights with physical attraction. That’s my point – women do this, and talk as if men are conspiring against them. There is no media conspiracy to portray impossible ideals of beauty. No oppression through diet fads. No one is demeaned by prancing around in a sexy costume and making men horny. You are free to do as you please – don’t ask for any more equality than that by implying that it shouldn’t be expected of a woman trying to be sexy to try to push our buttons. You don’t grant that colorless equality to us men – we have never been any less an object than a woman. We are all painfully aware of how you rank us. The difference is that instead of whining we suck up the injustice of it all and work to be attractive to you, each in his way, with an evidence based eye to what works.

I once rented a very beautiful 5 bedroom western quality villa in Bali, and had a driver and maid. The maid was a preciously beautiful 21 year old virgin. Heart melting face and the figure of a little angel. My 43 year old U.S. girlfriend came to visit me, and asked me if I found the maid attractive. With as much understatement as I could make believable, containing the pressure of enthusiasm, I muttered that yes, she is an attractive girl. My girfriend was outraged and shocked. “What? But she is so young! She is just a baby!” You’d think she’d never seen the inside of a men’s magazine.

Us goddamn men. Why are we so blind and shallow as to prefer slim young bouncy women? What is wrong with us that our eyes don’t penetrate to the heart of womanhood?

I don’t know why women complain about what turns men on, or complain that some women like to do whatever turns men on. There is nothing complicated in the fact that getting fat is unattractive. Grow up and suck it up – get fat if you want, but don’t whine to men that we are blind to your inner beauty. How did the subject of pandering to men’s desires become political? All the labor of men is for you women – everything we do is to have sex with you. The expensive cars, fine clothes, tasteful apartment, good job – why did we work so hard to get all that? And then you complain that wearing a bunny tail is an effort that demeans?

Would you the reader think less of me if I were to wear a bunny tail to be sexy? If it worked, all men would be wearing them.

It’s good if women convene as a separate group, to empower. If you notice that you must take power to get it, it’s political. Is sex political? Gender inequalities I appreciate. Sexual inequalities I don’t. Social patterns with roots before speech are unlikely to be easily edited group-mental constructs. There is no chance that the sexually attractive femine features evolved influenced by speech-memes. The lately evolved verbal mind is not a big Parent-in-the-Sky that if we could only obey would put us in tune with what should be. Rationality can’t save us from lust – the seeming dichotomy is the problem. Clear ideas are not that powerful after all. Mind is not over matter. If you see inequalities in the sexual attractiveness game, consider the power of informing us of how great utopia could be compared to the power of being sexy. Scent touches our hindbrain, and the scent of a woman is not equal or debatable.

I chose heaven on this earth. You are welcome to join me.