Blogging-woman says ” any man who has to pay to look at, talk to or touch women is a fucking douchebag.”

Most men who pay also can and do get good lovings without paying. But that doesn’t address some men being douchebags. That’s just not fair. All men are douchebags.

I don’t mind being sexist – men are douchebags, and women aren’t. Can we celebrate anything here?

Is the celebration in some hidden sameness between the sexes? In spark between the differences?

No, I think the celebration is just in seeing what is, and loving it. Love men. Or don’t.  Our human condition is that the opposite sex is not exactly what we want.  That we aren’t, that nothing is.

That reminds me of all the old sayings. Be content with little. Open in compassion to yourself and others. Don’t sweat the small stuff. All that trite stuff that never ever touches on the immediacy of our pain, but is the only way we can talk about how the shocks of losing it all teach us to let go of pain. Suicide turns off the lights, but death turns them on – while living, we can appreciate the colors, in the face of their absence.

I wrote a few more paragraphs, then deleted. It’s fun to philosophise, but generalizations quickly lose grip. A summary would be that appreciating things feels better than not.