In Thailand some prostitutes work out of bars and discos and will only go with customers that they are attracted to. Some of them chose to remain in their profession even when offered good alternatives – they like the lifestyle.

I don’t go with prostitutes, as I prefer lots of love and lust, and am less likely to find that with a paid for date. But nothing is quite so black and white. Once I was I put off by the girls in a club being snooty towards me, and so hung out at the table of a bunch of hookers. We had fun hanging out and dancing. One took me home for a freebee and the next day was spent making my stomach muscles sore. We both had big fun, and she and her friends would invite and even pay for some outings – river rafting, lazing by a lake, etc.

Some girls let their boyfriend take care of them as their profession. Some women get married as their profession. Nothing is so black and white, and men who pay for sex don’t always equate money with seduction – we don’t earn all rights through that token. Sometimes, especially in SE Asia, money opens the door, but there must also be some mutual passion. Some guys here can’t choose their preferred prostitute, and some can easily get laid with them for free.

There is nothing mutually exclusive about paying for sex and passion. It’s just that the chances of passion and a deep connection are less. But the chances can still be good enough – many prostitutes do orgasm and feel lust for some of their clients. And many clients treat their paid for date with attentive lust.

Not all Johns are unattractive men who can’t otherwise get laid. You’ll find young handsome sociable guys – tons of them – out in the red light districts. Guys who turn heads and can get one night stands or marriage proposals in a shopping mall. Do they “objectify” their paid for sex partners? Ya sure, women are objects as much as men are. A great ass is an object to worship. And they sometimes also treat them with the same lusty attention any woman would give to a one night stand partner.

But I don’t go with prostitutes. I fear it would diminish my sexual prowess by setting up limited habits, as intimacy is the thing, and paying sets the odds against that.