In my last post, I was trying to come at the question of meaning, as well as the question of why live. One answer to why live, is because if feels good. One answer to meaning, is that as long as living feels good, you don’t have to have meaning.

I have several ways to try to understand the world, but my main one these last few years is kinesthetic – the embodied feeling of being. I practice some meditations that focus on the feelings in the body. These practices are variously labelled chi-kung, Daoist yoga and Daoist sex, Kundalini yoga and Kundalini sex, and Tantric sex. I am constantly aware of my body and the feelings in it, and so the boundary between feeling the energies of sex, and daily experience are nearly erased for me. The main difference is the intensity of feeling, and that it is easier to feel a reverential love when mixing with a lover.

As I understand the question of why be through the felt embodied sense of being, I have no choice but to also talk about what it feels like to be, and so I also must talk about love and sex. It all permeates inseparably to me.

I was trying to suggest that sex can be a gateway to opening the heart to a sense of divine love, and then past that to being more present and in the flow and then enhancing that to a general sense of immersion and a sense of being and well-being. That to be can be good, can feel good, that we can feel immersed in a flow of good.