There was a time in western culture when it was considered scandalous to show a belly button on the beach. Now thongs are fashionable, and women often go topless. We laugh at the prudish bathing suits of old. Why were those people so repressed?

Sexual repression causes more problems than it prevents. A repressed libido is a sad waste. People who talk of repressing libido, oppressing others freedom to express their sexuality, I find those people scary and disturbing. In need of sexual education. In need of exposure to public sexuality. Grow up already. It’s just sex – it doesn’t hurt people.

Remember the flashers of the 60s and 70s, running out naked onto football fields? They made a statement that I agree with.

Momo on said regarding an extremely sexy dress a university student was chastised for wearing at an off campus event “Ultimately this is about “dress sense” and has nothing to do with insulting Thai culture. I go with the adage that one should dress appropriately according to the situation…the climate, the country,your profession, where are you going, who with, what will you be doing etc? Your dress sense is a reflection of character and personality unfortunately dictated by society’s idea of ‘the norm’.”

That seems fine advice for someone to take upon themself. Fit in – it makes life go smoother.

But I can’t understand why anyone would want to force that kind of advice onto anyone else. If someone is prepared to risk being negatively labelled, why not let them?

Unless one doesn’t believe in individuals. Unless one believes that we exist only as social creatures, and must obey social mores.

Perhaps we should all dress in Maoist Green Uniforms? All this indiviality is too troubling.

Momo on said: “Jockstrap and sandals are fine on the beach but not at work, flesh flashing to extremes will always offend some people no matter where you are.”

This is something that I honestly do not understand. I have never had the emotion of being made uncomfortable by seeing other people be sexual. And I’ve seen plenty. It is completely beyond me why some people get this feeling. I can only imagine that they have repressed their own sexuality, and so get uncomfortable when they see sexuality that is not repressed.

Personally I have no embarassment or shame whatsoever about my sexuality. I’ve demonstrated as much in rather extreme ways, and it seems to me that the world was made a better place for it. Fun memories for all.

Some people think it is immoral to provoke lust. To show an ankle could inflame libido. So Burkas are enforced. We have birth control now, and one can practice sex relatively safely to avoid disease. Driving a car is more risky than sex with a new partner. There is no reason to avoid inflaming libido. Libido is not dangerous or bad. Burkas are bad.

So some people don’t like her libido inflaming dress. Prudes – why not enjoy the thrill of her? How can you get too much of such a pretty thing? I have never felt that emotion of wanting to put Burkas on other people.

There are limits to everything. Perhaps. But sometimes testing the limits is a good idea.

Generally I prefer to benefit people, make them happier than they were. There is an art to scandalous public indecency. It can be done in ways that titilate others, rather than offend them.

The stories I could tell. I’d love to share them, but I’m familiar enough with how uncomfortable many people are with the subject of sex to know that I’m not allowed to say. But the stories I could tell. Wonderful, super charged passionate stories. More than one smile was given to others, and plenty of fun gossip was fuelled.

I won’t post the stories, but perhaps I can get away with mentioning some locations.

In a crowded pub, underneath the big T.V. which everyone was watching a football match on. In the foaming shallow surf on a crowded beach. On the rocks outside the water on another. In the center of the street in daytime. Underneath a skirted table, with peoples perusing the wares for sale above, wondering where the vendors are, their ankles visible. In the front drivers seat with company in the back. In the back seat with a driver in the front. Riding up an escalator. And then all the more usual locations, such as on the beach or in stairwells or public restrooms, or in the forest or in the ocean or on an open field or conceiled behind an open car door. These memories were gifted to me by several quite naughty wonderful people. I guess nearly every girlfriend I ever had was into some public naughtiness. It’s pretty common, I suppose, but still, gotta love life with events like that in it.

Not all the scandelous behaviour in those locations was of the deeply penetrating kind. I don’t think I could have safely pulled that off on the escalator, or under the TV. Jaw droppingly scandelous enough to get the yellow highligter treatment in my personal history though. In the most extreme category, her palms only touched pavement for 15 seconds, but what was witnessed to happen in the middle of the street by two security guards chatting to each other on one end of the road near my apartment, and two people rounding the corner of the other, is seared forever into my memory cells. And then strolling past the security guards, to go out. I can’t imagine ever going farther than that. All to the greater glory and public good. Shopping mall security guards were involved in one incident. That was extremely humorous, and we made fast friends with them. Needless to say we were greeted with big smiles every time we returned.