Looking for a good leader to vote for?

I have a difficult enough time finding a compatible girlfriend. Try to find a political leader?

Political leaders usually have spent their way to prominance, using money from people who want them in power. Politics has a heart, and that heart relies on arteries and veins, and the blood is made of money. It’s a nice illusion to think that the people vote for their better interest, and that this is represented in their government. It’s about money.

The people whose job it is to give money to government officials – what is the name of that job? Anyway, the people who represent jails, asked for the anti marijuana laws to be strengthened in the US. They gave some several million. Guess what happened next. That’s history.

Find a leader? People and institutions with money give it to all viable sides of the political spectrum. It’s gambling, and people bet on any and all parties that give returns. Campaign finance is what wins elections. Sorry – I’m not being a downer here. On the whole, money moves politics, and politics exists to move money. Welfare seems like a grand concession to the people, but it is a very small portion of big money.

If you want to make a political difference, don’t agree with the crowd unless you know something, speak truth, and be carefully subversive.