If you want to buy a Porche, don’t buy a Pinto and upgrade the parts.

I don’t expect to mold a woman into a better one. I don’t want to start with a mound of mixed colored Plasticene and try to shape. I want to start with a sculpture, an Eckhart sckupture where the hand is in the process of forming the shape it is becoming. A woman properly formed, still refining herself.

Not some crude, irrational, lying, uncontrollable animal that needs medications just to be civil. Or some manipulative mask wearing emptiness, feeding on any form of attention to fill a bottomless void.

I vaccilate between wanting to marry down so as to get the hottest babe, and wanting to find a social peer. Only the highest status males can attract the best of both in the same woman – I have only so much attractiveness coin to spend.

So what about others? Do you get frustrated with the impediments to communication with your lower class better half? Or have a classy woman but seek out second wives to round out the unfulfilled needs? Anyone got it all and is keeping it? How did you do it?

My guess is to shop and shop, and don’t get sucked in by the magical charms of that perfect smell on that perfect body who gives you that perfect feeling.