Indonesian TV was playing some local magic based soap opera on one channel, and a hollywood B movie magic based movie on another. I don’t want to watch. Those are for children, or for simple extremely-locals. Superstitious folk who see cause and effect as intermediated by invisible peoples and gods and plant and animal vodoo.

I met a 24 year old Thai woman who believed in Santa Claus. Most women in this town of Mando think pre-marital-ceremony sex is a sin. The genre of fiction that the educated label as fantasy could just as easily be called folklore or sacred text, if some group of people take it as Historical Truth. My brother once believed that the The Lord of The Rings Trilogy was based on factual mythology, and so basically true. I suspect that the voodoo-ful TV shows here are representative of how people here believe their world to function. Flying fighting magicians and dark forces lurk.