A male foetus exposed to above average testosterone in the womb will have a larger ring finger, proportionally, to his index finger.

He will also be more masculine, have higher testosterone levels, and be more of a square jawed jock.

Women get enhanced libido from testosterone also. And become mannish in proportion. And have libido affected by other hormones.

There are biological, though not always genetic, influences to libido. The size of a man’s hand is proportional to his penis. What is the shape of a woman’s lips proportional to?

I get a sense of some women that they are slim, confined, limited, dim, in the electrical generation of their mojo. And others, I get the sense that they hold heat. Others are dynamos. Others hold a portion of the sun. Some suns are bose condensates, light in mystical communion beyond time and space, with the source and fabric of our nature.

And as for men, we all have heard gossip of the variability.

Are there physical correlates we can make informed gossip from? I’m guessing yes.

For women:

Lip shape. Full, and pouty, with a big cleft in the middle of the upper lip.

Hip to waist ratio, full and firmness of ass, correcting for calories.

Blonde. Blonde’s have more estroegen.

That’s all I can come up with just now. Body language, is of course a libido indicator, but off topic. I’d love other people’s educated guesses.

I know these traits are attractive to guys, but I’m guessing that they also correspond to greater libido in the woman. We don’t have many studies about this – a few finger length studies are all I know of.

I’m the kind of guy who can’t wear pink – I’m already too effeminate. Yet I’m a high libido guy. Index is shorter than ring finger, but my body isn’t that of the classic testosterone deformed jock. Just throwing out wild cards. What body shape did your most passionate lovers share?

To try to forestall the trolls, this is not quack phrenology I’m asking about. Many of us pick out patterns, and guess that some girl is lesbian. Our mental make up is intrinsic to our physical, and that depends on our genes and environment. Our shape and our nature are like technology and media, movie screen and movie, hardware and softaware, they depend on and affect each other.

Look to the fittest males as example. Athletes are more symetrical, soccer players are all handsome to the girls.