No one is perfect, but what do I want in a woman? What makes me happy?

Sarah is extremely sexual, but nuts. Por is wonderful, but doesn’t turn me on.

In trying to understand who I should pursue, I wrote down the attributes most important to me, and gave them points.

Then I rated the most important of my past girlfriends. The system works, the numbers closely matched how connected I was with these women and the overall satisfaction.


Quality Possible points
Emotionally stable. 5
Faithful 5
Empathetic 5
Quality, quantity, power of orgasms 7
Physically attractive 6
Smart 5
Good lover 4
Gracious 3
Giving 2
Attentive 5
Forgiving 4
Fun 6
Bossy -4
Naggy -4
Gets fat -3
Psychopath cruelty -5
Psycho jealousy -5

And here are some scores:

Sarah 27-9

Sue 32-3 29
Suanee 26-2 24
Pon 21 21
Sa 22 22
Kriss 32-6 26
Jolie 14-13 1
Arie 24-5 19
Rosie 9-4 5
Sanaa 48 48

And here is how I scored myself, as a partner to the same women. I’m sure they would score me lower than I scored myself, and wonder how much. Hope I’m not totally out of it.


Me with  
Sarah 43-5 38
Sue 44-3 41
Suanee 36 36
Pon 39 39
Sa 28-2 26
Kriss 34 34
Jolie 53-5 48
Arie 35-1 34
Rosie 33-2 31
Sanaa 48 48

Putting numbers on the characteristics important to me helped me to see a whole picture, without diminishing the value of any of the parts. I value sexuality, as reflected in how many sexual characteristics are included, and their scores. And the non-sexual characteristics make up the greater bulk. Some girls got points mostly from sex, some mostly from being likeable. Both carry weight. Only one very rare person got high points all around.