chia_02.gifI have most of his books, in PDF and word doc format. I’ve only read a few of them.

I think he has some good information and techniques, but find his books filled with unnecessary repetition and metaphysics. For instance his first book about sex has a few good excersises, and much repetition of why it is important not to come, and a lot of not very clear metaphysics around that. His concept of chi is quite muddled, mixing up ideas of breath, and pseudo-scientific physics, along with subtle energies.

But the nuggets are good. I hope to approach the rest of the books, and find which practices are strongest for me, and perhaps attempt a re-write of some of that from my own perspective.

I really appreciate energetic practices, and I can understand his enthusiasm for wanting to promote them. I just don’t see that we need to fill in the blanks of what we don’t know with a lot of pseudo scientific “explanation” for what chi is. We have no idea what chi is.

I’ve had Daoist and Chi-kung training with maybe 6 teachers. Some were quite advanced. But I resonated most with an energetic healer, who taught us maybe a dozen forms, of which I focused on three. I find that one, very simple form, if done slowly and with deep mindfullness can open up worlds. Many teachers feel, for instance, that simple standing chi-kung is the strongest and most effective form.

When practicing some standing chi-kung movements, I usually start with these few basic forms, and then go free style.

I appreciate that I have some training in moving energy about not using movements. I don’t use the forms I was trained in though, such as going from organ to organ, and instead focus lately mostly on the central channel. This last year I don’t focus much on the spine. I’m mostly involved in having all chakras light up and resonate with each other, and opening the central channel to above and below the head. And sometimes I play with the spark between those poles.

All forms were “discovered” , and I’m not shy to discover also.

Regarding sex, I have discovered a few things I’ve never read about:

1) Mixing with a lover in the lower dantien, especially in her cervix and in the second chakra, is not only intimate, but can allow a person to share the energy there, giving and receiving, and use a lovers energy for making love with her.

2) The energy has to rise up to the heart before you get your big powers. Only after intense love happens does the full flow start.

3) After energy is rising all the way up, it is VERY important to be able to go below the feet. Just as you can have sex, as a beginner, with your attention above your head, to awaken Kundalini, so you can have sex with energy below your feet, you can hold a chi ball below your feet, and keep your sexual energy there while having sex. This is very powerful chi kung, and rather advanced, but it is accessible.

4) Partners make a huge difference. A young man or woman has excess vitality, and can learn from and be inspired by much older lovers, while an older person gets more juice from a younger lover. Men especially. As one Indonesian I met remarked “I don’t like men my same age, as I already know what they know. An older man has wisdom that I don’t have, that I need. And the man gets to have the energy from the younger woman”. She was no meditator, just a sensitive 22 year old. And the way a partner holds their energy, especially how they orgasm makes a huge difference. Some women dissipate their energy out when they orgasm, and this can be nearly as draining as ejaculating, as energies resonate, so you dissipate with her. If the woman does not naturally come into you, she can be taught to. Sex embodiment devotion. When I ejaculate I encourage her to “drink it”, inside her cervix, emphasising that she can absorb that energy, as food for her, as a little gift. And sexual chemistry can’t be faked. For myself, I require a hyper-feminine woman, as I am slightly effeminate at times – I need the polarity of a very feminine woman to get a big spark. With one lover I may be near impotent, and with another have undying passion and unstoppable passion.

5) You can get a full flow through the central channel, through to above and through to below, and all chakras light up, and this can be so intense that you MUST scream. The lion posture may be spontaneously taken, palms flat, back arched, perhaps tongue sticking out. And the mark of a full flow is a feeling of intense POWER.

Update: I really should get in the habit of at least giving a once over read to my posts before hitting the send button.

I meant to say “I’m mostly involved in having all chakras light up and resonate with each other, and opening the central channel to above the head and below the perinium, and below the feet.”

I could add that opening the “bubbling brook” points in the palms of the feet took a while, but I’m finding it much more difficult to get a strong flow through the legs.

The points in the palms of the hands very often glow, mostly in resonance with the heart, but increasingingly everything seems to resonate together, and in my palms I can feel apana, and the forehead, and the perinium. And in my perinium I can often feel the crown chakra, and the forehead chakra.

Lately I’ve been working on a soft feeling in the heart, and
flavoring everything with an open heart. Getting that chakra more awake and giving its input.

All of that is sex, to me, and with a good lover, the practice is put into high gear. Sex is chi-kung, and chi-kung can be powerful sex.