Out of body tunnelFrom what I’ve come across regarding an afterlife and out of body experiences, it seems that our incredible versatile and intelligent minds create whole worlds, and we believe them.

This researcher had some profoune OBE’s, and dedicated many of her career years researching what is called “the paranormal”. Her research seems well done, but her conclusions will leave a taste to those that want certain conclusions.



Last night, while “asleep”, I meditated on a mixture of her profound insight into memes, and on an article from another author about shamanistic use of rainforest vines – (what is the name of that again? Sorry, brain block.) The central theme that I took from the ethnogen article was that awareness and what we attach to is affected by our decision, and we can choose to rest in an awake embrace.

The writer had very vivid and real experiences of other dimensions of being, and mentioned a researcher that wrote a detailed book on the subject, who has taken Ibogaine? more than 100 times who concluded that the worlds disclosed are not real and shareable in the same way as the “concrete” moon that we have built rocket ships to meet are real.

Susan does a good job of interpreting her experiences, in a direct and honest and methodical fashion. Her most poignant insight seems to be that it is difficult for the mind to address information that is at odds with our ideas.