Thou shalt not cross post.

But thou shalt be fruitful and multiply.

Ok, only my response to the thread on the other yahoo group then. The worldviews are close enough for there to be shared vocabulary.

Post paraphrase: Enlightenment has deepening stages that most people are unaware of, and willfully so, due to ignorance and not wanting to be judged. People like egality when trying to be a part of something, and exclusion when trying to be on top of something.

Answer from biped of indeterminate and possibly contested status (you will tend to agree if you think others give me rank, and disagree if you think others disaprove. Confrontation is a good option when rank can be improved. Less obvious options are gambles with higher returns. Fat ugly comedians get plenty):

We only know what we know, and we can’t know what we don’t know.

We all tend to view the world through what we know. So let’s engage empathy muscles. It’s hard to have a mind open to what we don’t know, because what we don’t know is mostly useless garbage.

And I hear the loneliness. Look on the Kundalini forums, and every one is an expert because they have strong body sensations, or because they studied old words from those that had strong sensations and visions. A wide knowledge that includes study and experience, where experience gets to the deeper experiences that a community of peers pointed to, is rare.

I tried to talk of Apana. Even on all the yahoo community groups related to Kundalini, about the felt force of awakening said to spring from the union of prana and apana, not one person said they had any feeling for what I was talking about. Same on the Daoist boards, the energetic healing boards, and on this board.

Is Apana therefore a way of looking at energy that is too subjective to be factual? Is the theory of a spark between Prana and Apana a diversion?

I’m open to any explanation. It is dis-heartening the narrow focus of us all. Such is our lot.

P.S. Alcohol inspires writers, yet leads to serious and social problems. Other substances fare differently, better or worse. I’m glad I’m not in jail for drinking. Impositions and inquisitions fail, and cost tax payers a plenty big.

But if you cheer for everything in proportion to how local it is… please never vote. Your footbal team and soap opera characters and family need you above intertwined eco-communities of wet fish people and dead ozone air and a future too far from the next feed. Local. Think local.

I feel a dribble coming on.